Basics on how to be a Virtual Assistant.

Today’s fast paced age does not know any boundaries for earning and accomplishment. Dozens of people are earning huge sums of money independently and on their own terms. Being a virtual assistant is one of those side hassles in which anyone can make money all while polishing their skills and studying (for students) at the same time.

What’s a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant, is a person hired by anyone to manage online tasks for them, in this way a VA doesn’t necessarily have to be present at premise. Those who are willing to be a virtual assistant however, shall possess a mandatory set of skills for completing tasks that they will be assigned to. Most of which are covered in this article!

What to know?

Following set of skills are extremely important when it comes to being a virtual assistant:

Basic capabilities of a VA

Tools Needed;

1.MS word, MS Excel, Google docs, Google sheets, Google assistant are the most crucial tools, since the data provided can be stored and managed in these applications.

Using a search engine;

2. Basic capabilities of using Google search engine to bring about the desired results. It is highly important to understand the role of keywords in carrying out research.

Research skills

3. A skill for using YouTube as a search engine while carrying out research. Validity of facts is also most important so, it is highly advice to cross check your gathered facts on multiple platforms.

Organization Skills;

4. to be highly organized and thoughtful of others and your own time. For this it is recommended to use Google keep as a note taking device. There are several task managers on Google play store that provide you with an interactive way to organize your tasks and complete them before deadline.

Creating a Personality;

5. Last but not the least, creating an online presence by telling the world about yourself and your expertise. Also this will create a sense of trust between you and your potential clients which increases the chances of you being hired by 20%.

Where to find potential clients?

3 platforms are what anyone should know before starting freelancing., and Facebook marketplace are top of the list. These platforms will provide you with all the necessary instructions to make the most out of your freelancing experience.


The most important thing before looking for any job is to believe in yourself. Have the faith that you shall succeed. Only then shall a person get their estimated outcomes.

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