How do I: check if DLL has been loaded

Few days back I developed an ISAPI filter and when I installed on IIS server and tried to test it was not running. To troubleshoot I thought how would I know that DLL has been loaded by the IIS server successfully and there is no error. If you used Windows Task Manager it does not tell you which DLL has been loaded. There is a cool command line utility to check this. That is tasklist. According to its description:

“This tool displays a list of currently running processes on either a local or remote machine.”

To check whether a DLL has been loaded or not use the following command.

> tasklist /m yourdll*

The /m switch lists all tasks currently using the given exe/dll name. It also support wildcards. If the module name is not specified all loaded modules are displayed.

So, I used this command to check if my DLL has been loaded. It’s a really handy command to check some other stuff as well. Try to use /? to get complete list of switches and their description.

What kind of IIS documentation is this from Microsoft?

IIS documentation blank template
IIS documentation blank template

Today I was searching online MSDN library for IIS ISAPI filter development, and you know what? I came across a MSDN page which was a bare template and didn’t have any content. Look at the snapshot taken on August 15, 2011 🙂

If page is still not updated then you can visit now: