How To: Open a WordPress Menu Link In New Window or Tab?

I have come across multiple WordPress users who aren’t aware that WordPress has a bunch of functions hidden in the “Screen Options” section of multiple Administration Pages. Today I want to show you how to open links in custom menus in a new window or tab (i.e. add a target=”_blank” to link or menu items). Just follow the steps below to unearth the hidden WordPress feature.

Step 1:
Click on Appearance >> Menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2:
Look for the Screen Options drop down menu in the top right corner of your browser window

Step 3:
Under Show advanced menu properties tick the Link Target checkbox.

Step 4:
Add a new link to your custom menu and click on drop down arrow to edit menu items. Voila! You can now decide if your menu item opens in same window or new window.

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