Installing IBM WebSphere MQ Server on Linux

This is part 1 of the series on IBM WebSphere MQ. Installing IBM WebSphere MQ server on a Linux machine is easy. It takes just a few minutes to install. IBM WebSphere MQ can be downloaded from

Extract it to some folder (e.g /root/download/wmq) after download. Then follow these steps.

1. cd /root/download/wmq
2. ./mqlicense -accept

This is necessary since this instructs to accept the license, otherwise you will not be able install WebSphere MQ. If this gives a JRE error then give the JRE path like this:

2. ./mqlicense -accept -jre PATH_TO_JRE
3. rpm -ivh MQSeriesServer-x.x.x-x.i386.rpm MQSeriesRuntime-x.x.x-x.i386.rpm

where x.x.x-x is the version number like 7.0.1-1

That’s it! WMQ server has been installed. The next steps include adding users in mqm group to grant access to users to perform certain operations like creating/deleting queue manager and queues, then creating queue manager then configuring it.