How can I test if mod_rewrite on my server is enabled and working?

Note that mod_rewrite can only be used with the web server Apache. Follow the instructions below to check whether module mod_rewrite is installed and correctly configured on your server.

Create the file .htaccess and add these two lines

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^testing.php$ modrewrite.php

This tells the webserver to load modrewrite.php when testing.php is requested.

Create the file modrewrite.php with this line

<?php echo "mod_rewrite works"; ?>

Create the file testing.php with this line

<?php echo "mod_rewrite does not work"; ?>

Now use your web browser to load testing.php. If you see “mod_rewrite works” your server has a working mod_rewrite instance. If you see anything else, including an internal server error, your server is not configured correctly for mod_rewrite.

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Installing MS Web Deploy on different port

Web Deployment is a tool from Microsoft to simplify migration, management, and deployment of IIS web servers, web applications, and web sites. When you install Web Matrix it is installed by default. When installed it listens on port 80. If you are using other server like Apache on your system that also listens on port 80 then you won’t be able to start Apache due to conflict in the port. The solution is either use a different port for Apache like 8080. If you want to do that then other solution is to remove the web deploy and install it from command line. Here are the steps of doing this.

1. Uninstall Web Deploy from Add/Remove programs.

2. Download Web Deploy from



3. Run the command prompt in Administration mode.

4. Run the following command:

#> msiexec /I <msi filename> /passive ADDLOCAL=ALL LISTENURL=http://+:<port>/MsDeployAgentService2/

e.g #> msiexec /I WebDeploy_x86.msi /passive ADDLOCAL=ALL LISTENURL=http://+:85/MsDeployAgentService2/

Thats it. Now you can use Apache on port 80 and Web Deploy will use the different port.